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How to use UV light disinfection in your home

How to use UV light disinfection in your home

The modern world may never have been more aware of germs and the need for disinfection.  While UV light disinfection has been around for decades, new interest in it has risen.  This guide will show you how to use UV light disinfection in your home.

Disinfection Routine

Developing a routine and sticking to it helps control colonies of germs in your home. The first step is disinfecting your home.  The second step is disinfecting the things you bring home once you’ve been out.  Just because you’re wearing a mask doesn’t mean you haven’t brushed up against something and have germs on your clothing, shoes, keys, smartphone, etc.  To use UV light to accomplish this, you’ll need to expose items for about 60 seconds to UV-C light.  

Step 1 - Disinfect Your Home

The first thing to do to keep a healthy home is to disinfect it.  This is a deep clean of all of the surfaces in your home.  All hard surfaces should be disinfected along with carpeted and porous surfaces.  All of the things you take out of the home such as your phone, laptop, and especially baby items need to be disinfected.  This makes your home a safer and healthier place to be.

Step 2 - Disinfect When You Arrive Home

Upon arriving home sanitizing phone, keys, and other items.  Depending on how much of a risk each individual is exposed to will dictate the intensity of this routine.  Smaller items can simply be set into the box, while larger items can be disinfected by zipping the lid free from the box and sweeping slowly over them at a close distance.  The closer the bulbs are and more time each surface is exposed to, the more effective the UV light disinfection will be.

General Disinfection Home Tips

For most people this will look like sanitizing the items they take with them or bring home from being out.  That means keys, phones, wallets, sunglasses, etc.  We handle these things as we work, grocery shop, and just about everywhere we go, especially our smartphones.  It’s no secret how smartphones are a known breeding ground for germs.  In fact some studies have shown that cell phones have 10 times the germs of toilet seats!

Advanced Disinfection Home Tips

For medical staff who work in specialized units it is especially important.  Many of these medical rockstars are having to come home into their garages, remove their clothes, put them straight into the washer, and then go straight into the shower.  All personal items such as wallets, sunglasses, keys, and phones should be sanitized immediately.  This keeps the home safer for families and reduces the risk of contracting a viral or bacterial infection. 

How To Disinfect Your Home

There are a number of ways to disinfect your home and belongings.  There’s bottles of alcohol based sanitizer, disinfecting sprays, boiling, chemicals, and UV light disinfection.  Many smartphone manufacturers offer cleaning directions which require great care, time, and may damage your property.  UV light has the edge of being able to disinfect faster, easier, and more effectively.  It disinfects using a very particular wavelength of ultraviolet light.  In fact with the right LED UV-C light bulbs, germs are killed in under 60 seconds.  

That makes disinfecting your home a breeze with UV light sanitizers.  With Purifying UV light sanitizer boxes you have 2 options for home disinfection.  Simply drop your items in the box and turn the power on.  The box will run it’s cycle and be done in about 1 minute.  The second way to disinfect your home with UV light with the Purifying UV light sanitizer box is to zip off the lid.  The LED UV-C bulbs are mounted in the lid and it can be used to sweep over larger items.  This makes it easy to disinfect things like sofas, sporting equipment, desks, and more.  

A Word of UV Disinfection Safety

While human beings aren’t generally considered germs, we are susceptible to harm from UV light.  Most of us are all too familiar with summertime sunburns, that are caused by UV light.  The UV-C band of energy is usually filtered out by our atmosphere.  It is a more intense type of UV light and as effective as it is at killing germs, it can cause harm to the eyes and skin.  It is important to use these effective disinfection tools in a responsible manner.  Never shine the light into your face or onto your skin.  To disinfect your skin, face, or body it is best to use soaps and sanitizers.

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