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UV Light Disinfection: How It Works & How To Use It

UV Light Disinfection: How It Works & How To Use It

UV light disinfection has been around for many years.  In fact, the first recorded use of UV light to prevent microbial growth was in 1877, by Arthur Downes and Thomas P. Blunt.  They documented the sunlight had a disinfectant effect on surfaces.  That means human beings have been working with and advancing the knowledge and uses of UV light for well over 100 years.

How UV Light Disinfects

UV light is currently used by hospitals to disinfect equipment, and also has been implemented to sanitize water and air. It works on the principle that ultraviolet light emitted between a range of wavelengths disrupts the DNA of germs.  This kills them and makes it impossible for germs to replicate and develop colonies.  

The Right UV Wavelength

A big part of UV being able to kill germs and disinfect is the light’s wavelength.  The whole of UV light ranges from 328 nm to 210 nm, and includes vacuum UV, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C bands of ultraviolet light.  According to the CDC, The sweet spot for bactericidal effects is between 240-280 nm. Maximum microbicidal activity is achieved at 253.7 nm. This is the wavelength that best kills germs. 

How To Use UV Light To Disinfect

To disinfect the UV light must be placed so it shines directly on the surfaces you wish to clean.  The distance to the object is typically 6 inches or less.  Duration varies depending on on the quality of the UV Sanitizer light product you buy.  Slow UV sanitizers can take 15 minutes or more.  Purifying UV will kill germs in less than 1 minute.  

Step 1 - Power

With Purifying UV all you need is USB charging.  You can leave it overnight to get charged up and be ready for work or school.  The UV light disinfection box comes with a cord that plugs right into a standard USB phone charging system.  You can also use a power bank to keep your Purifying UV sanitizer box powered up on the go.

Step 2 - Sanitizing

With our design you can sanitize in the UV box or unzip the lid and use it to sanitize larger objects and areas.  If you are sanitizing your smartphone, keys, or smaller objects, simply place them in the UV light sanitizer box, close the box, and turn on the power. In under 60 seconds our UV-C light will have killed off the germs on your items. For larger items making gradual sweeps of the areas at close proximity will increase effectiveness.

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