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Phone Sanitizer UV

Your phone is with you night and day.  It is one of the most common places for germs to collect and breed as we touch things in public and then our smartphones. 

Our phone sanitizer UV box works to cleanse your phone from bacteria, viruses, and mold in under 1 minute!

That means we are the best phone sanitizer UV light product on the market.  We make it easy to keep you, your family, and even your employees safe and germ free. 

Faster Phone Sanitizing

The competition's best offerings take up to or longer than 10 minutes to work!  Purifying UV has selected the highest performance UV-C LED lights that get the job done in LESS THAN 1/5TH the time!  As the world's "new normal" includes sanitizing everything in our homes, cars, and pockets no one has time to wait.  

Sanitize More Than Just Your Phone

Sanitize more than just your phone with our UV light box.  Everything we handle during the day from our phones and keys to cash and debit cards are potential sources for infection.  Our UV-C light box cleanses all of these items quickly and safely.  

2 in 1 Design

Sanitizing items in your Purifying UV isn't the end of it's capabilities!  The UV light assembly is installed in the lid, which can be removed to treat much larger areas!  Zip off the UV lid and sanitize your desk at work, furniture, and much more!  

How It Works

Our phone sanitizer UV light system kills germs by disrupting their DNA.  UV-C LED light is the fastest and most effective type of ultraviolet light when it comes to killing germs.  We have harnessed it's power and installed UV lights in our UV light box.

All you have to do to sanitize your phone is place it in the box, along with your keys, cash, or other items, and hit the power button.  In under a minute our phone sanitizing box will kill viruses, mold, and bacteria hiding on your phone.  Best of all all of the other items in your pockets or purse can get sanitized in the same box.